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human-a spiritual being

Spirituality is not separated from human existence. In fact spirituality is a part of human existence.

Life cannot be complete if someone cannot live up to both human and spiritual aspect of his personality.

Thought is what gives rise to human personality. Most of us act based upon the thought based mechanism. Action based upon thought based mechanism can never be perfect.

During human aspect of our personality mind acts as master of body. Mind generates thoughts based upon which body acts. Since thought is mundane, human aspect of us is temporary and imperfect.

Spiritual aspect of personality comes into picture when one starts going beyond thought. The moment one goes beyond thought, one touches perfection.

Body becomes slave of consciousness when one goes beyond the kingdom of thought. When one is controlled by consciousness, one could realize the spiritual aspect of our personality which knows only perfection. There could be nothing more blissful when body becomes slave of consciousness instead of thought.

Most of human keep striving for having spiritual experiences without realizing that spirituality is part of human existence. None other than our own inner self in this universe can help us experiencing spiritual aspect of our personality.

On the other hand most of us never even realize that there is something more to our human personality. Most of us become so much slave of mind that the never realize that there is some blissful experience which exist beyond mind.

Some who go beyond mind and start having spiritual experiences never want to live for human imperfection anymore.Such kind of people start living life in their own spiritual world forgetting about human aspect of existence.

One who has never experienced spiritual aspect of existence is surely living an incomplete life. But on the other hand one who has gone beyond human aspect and started experiencing spiritual aspect but does not want to live for human imperfection is also living an incomplete life.


One who has touched perfection but still live appreciating  imperfection is greatest of all.

One who starts having spiritual experiences but still start living for human imperfection is a mystic. Life of such mystic is complete. In fact life of such mystic is greatest gift to humanity.



mystery behind enlightenment

All the nature including human is enlightened but human has forgotten this.-A misery


Before I started world travel back in January, my brother told me to visit Rishikesh, India. He told me to visit Rishikesh since he thought that me being very spiritual, I would really love to be there.

Taking his words of wisdom, I started my trip from Rishikesh.As soon I entered holy city of Rishikesh, I felt very much vibrant. I felt that this city was full of positive vibrations.

Slowly I started interacting with lot of wonderful people who came from all over the world. One thing I found common in everybody was that they were in search of something mystic, something unknown. Most of them were in search of enlightenment.

Somehow the fact that people came to Rishikesh for enlightenment put me in the state of shock to some extent. I was surprised that people desire of something which is completely unknown to them.

I wish I could explain all those wonderful people that Enlightenment is not a desire or a goal to attain, but it is a state of human awareness. I wish I could explain them that they are already enlightened.

The misery with Human is that he is unaware of the fact that human is born enlightened. He has just forgotten this fact.

Enlightenment is not a thing, which someone could get at a particular place, but it is recognition of human’s own state by increasing level of awareness. Enlightenment has nothing to do with reading holy books or following any spiritual gurus or following any religion, but it is all about reading mind.

Only when human reads his own mind, He could shift awareness to highest levels. Only at highest level of awareness one could experience divine consciousness.

Even though I knew that It was ignorance of people who were trying to get enlightened by visiting Rishikesh,I still respected them for the fact that at least they were desiring for something eternal rather than mundane.

But I am really hopeful that all those wonderful people who were seeking enlightenment would realize that desire of enlightenment is the biggest obstacle to enlightenment. I hope that they would understand that nobody except their own self is capable to enlighten them in the entire universe.



Sex and Death

Sex is the reason behind life. In other words life starts from sex. Bliss involves in sexual orgasm gives rise to life.

Since bliss gives rise to life, life shares deep connection with bliss. The reason to have life is to feel bliss.

Even though experience of bliss starts from sex, but sex is not the only act for life to be in bliss. Sex could be the start for life to feel blissful.

I often ponder that if sex is the start for life to feel bliss, what could be the last act to feel bliss.

Death is the last act for human to feel blissful. I would say if sex is a pond of bliss then death is an ocean of bliss. One who could swim in both is living a complete life.

Life is no more than an awareness, which swings back and forth between sex and death. Misery with human is that he is not aware of bliss involves in Death. Most of human never feel bliss in any other phenomena other than sexual orgasm and the one who feel bliss in sexual orgasm never realizes that bliss is a natural phenomenon, which does not depend only upon  one particular act like sex.

One who realizes the bliss lying behind Death and still keeps on swinging back and forth between sex and Death truly appreciates life from all aspects.Such Human being  is a mystic and Life of such mystic is a gift to human race.



Lust-A Beautiful Imperfection

Each Human has divine experience during sexual orgasm. It is another thing that not all of us could recognize the divinity lying in sexual orgasm.

Lust is what sexual desire arises from. The sexual desire eventually leads to sexual orgasm, which gives divine experience or a glimpse of bliss  during sexual orgasm.

Since Lust is basic reason behind sexual orgasm, this fact is enough to appreciate Lust.

But even though Lust leads to a divine sexual orgasmic experience, why is lust not enough to satisfy human permanently?

The reason behind this is that even though lust leads to sexual orgasm but divine experience which human gets out of sexual orgasm is not because of lust but it is because of love.

At the point of sexual orgasm, Lust is transformed into love. This is a very natural phenomenon. It happens unconsciously. One who could transform lust into love consciously can open doors to hidden mysticism.If one could transform lust into love consciously,it could lead to a natural orgasm which is lot more blissful.Even during sex,If one is capable to transform lust into love ,sexual orgasm could lead to everlasting bliss instead of just a glimpse of bliss.

Human must understand that only love could bring permanent satisfaction. Lust is only a way, which could lead to love. Human must develop an art to transform lust into love consciously.

I hope one day human would understand that lust is a beautiful imperfection which could open doors to unite with divine if one accepts lust and transform it into love consciously.



Human Cry-A mystic Symbol

Human can cry. This makes human very special being on the planet. The intensity and mysticism lies behind cry makes this particular human expression so special.

For centuries, cry has been a symbol of sadness. Cry has been expressed to represent human agony.

I often wonder if cry should be represented as symbol of sadness only?

There could be various other reasons behind human cry. A feeling of love could make human cry .For instance, Human often cries when a moment of unconditional love touch the heart.

Any mystical experience can make human cry. Bliss is the reason behind human cry during mystical experience.

Definitely Cry does not represent sadness only. Human cry is also a symbol of love and bliss.

Since human can cry both in sadness and extreme happiness, it makes this particular expression so mystic and unique.

Undoubtely,Cry is sacred expression and mystic symbol  gifted to human by nature.



Human- A Forgotten Mystic

Human has invented rocket to go to space But Human could never invent his ability to reach space without rocket.

I wonder why human is oblivious about his own ability to reach space on his own?

One possible reason could be that human has been taught to focus on thought. All the scientific inventions have been based upon thought-focus principle.

Thought-focus principle has worked for human to invent many extra ordinary things like Rocket and Robot.But focus on a thought is not enough for human to discover himself. Mystic powers lying inside Human body can only be discovered by awareness of thoughts.

It is not thought-focus but thought-aware principle, which can lead human to unveil unthinkable mysteries.

I hope one-day Human would unveil all the mysteries lying inside his own body by awareness of thoughts. I hope one-day Human wont be forgotten mystic anymore.


VarunVir  Punj

human – a born mystic

Not only Human has  capacity to be mystic but fact is that human is a born mystic. The problem with human and mysticism is that we cannot recognize mysticism within us.

Human has a capability to be aware of breath, which makes us mystic. There could be nothing more mysterious and powerful than human breath.

For medical science, breath could only be a source of oxygen needed for our cells to function. But in mystic world, breath has lot more to do than that.

Human can recognize mysticism hidden only by being aware of breath to deepest levels. It is breath, which is giving us life every moment. The life which breath is giving comes with lot of gifts like mysticism.

Awareness of power and sacredness lies in breath could lead human to find many hidden treasures like mysticism.Infact  awareness of breath is the only way to know that human is a born mystic.