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Understanding Existence

Existence is a subtle and joyful. It is indeed one of the most mysterious phenomena. For centuries human has been trying to understand Existence.

In search to understand existence, human has been following religions, spiritual gurus and various other belief systems.

Undoubtedly there is nothing more joyful and blissful than existence. But for centuries, human has been lacking the capacity to feel blissfulness lying in existence.


Existence is  subtle but most joyful if one looks at it with quiet mind.Only a genius can witness is not an act of dull mind

But I wonder why human is lacking capacity to feel bliss lying in existence?

One reason could be that human is too busy to understand meaning of existence that he forgot to feel it. There is no way that one could feel existence while trying to understand it.

The meaning of existence is to feel it. There is no other way to rationalize phenomena as subtle as existence.

I hope one day human would understand that existence cannot be understood but it can only be felt.

I hope one day human would not miss all the bliss lying in existence in trying to understand meaning of it.



discover meditation

Meditation is not something humans need to learn. It is not something new which need to be discovered.

Every human meditates unconsciously. It is a normal state of humans. I have met some beautiful people on my recent trip of India who went to India to learn meditation. It actually surprised me a bit.

The goal should not be to learn meditation since we already do it. The most important goal should be to recognize the moment when we meditate unconsciously. We just need to transform that  moment of unconscious meditation into conscious meditation. The moment we transform moment of unconscious meditation into conscious meditation, our life gets transformed.