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Human Heart-A Sacred temple

For centuries human has been in search of something sacred. Some of us go to various religious temples, some of us go to various spiritual Ashrams to find sacredness.

Different belief systems have been pointing towards different types of sacredness. For instance some  say celibacy leads to sacredness whereas some say vegetarian diet leads to sacredness.

But it seems like that since existence human could not satisfy his curiosity to find sacredness. I often wonder what could be the reason that none could ever help human to find the sacredness.

One reason could be lack of understanding the meaning of sacredness. Human is not actually clear about the meaning of term sacredness. Human is not aware that sacredness does not lie anywhere outside but it lies inside human heart.

Human has to expand awareness to feel the sacredness. Instead of trying to find sacredness in various religious temples, human must expand awareness level to feel it in his own heart.

Human must understand that sacredness does not lie in any act but it lies in the level of awareness with which one perform particular act.

I hope one day human would realize that it’s not any religious temple but it’s heart where sacredness lies. I hope that one day human would realize that heart is a sacred temple which is full of imperishable love.



Lust-A Beautiful Imperfection

Each Human has divine experience during sexual orgasm. It is another thing that not all of us could recognize the divinity lying in sexual orgasm.

Lust is what sexual desire arises from. The sexual desire eventually leads to sexual orgasm, which gives divine experience or a glimpse of bliss  during sexual orgasm.

Since Lust is basic reason behind sexual orgasm, this fact is enough to appreciate Lust.

But even though Lust leads to a divine sexual orgasmic experience, why is lust not enough to satisfy human permanently?

The reason behind this is that even though lust leads to sexual orgasm but divine experience which human gets out of sexual orgasm is not because of lust but it is because of love.

At the point of sexual orgasm, Lust is transformed into love. This is a very natural phenomenon. It happens unconsciously. One who could transform lust into love consciously can open doors to hidden mysticism.If one could transform lust into love consciously,it could lead to a natural orgasm which is lot more blissful.Even during sex,If one is capable to transform lust into love ,sexual orgasm could lead to everlasting bliss instead of just a glimpse of bliss.

Human must understand that only love could bring permanent satisfaction. Lust is only a way, which could lead to love. Human must develop an art to transform lust into love consciously.

I hope one day human would understand that lust is a beautiful imperfection which could open doors to unite with divine if one accepts lust and transform it into love consciously.



Human Cry-A mystic Symbol

Human can cry. This makes human very special being on the planet. The intensity and mysticism lies behind cry makes this particular human expression so special.

For centuries, cry has been a symbol of sadness. Cry has been expressed to represent human agony.

I often wonder if cry should be represented as symbol of sadness only?

There could be various other reasons behind human cry. A feeling of love could make human cry .For instance, Human often cries when a moment of unconditional love touch the heart.

Any mystical experience can make human cry. Bliss is the reason behind human cry during mystical experience.

Definitely Cry does not represent sadness only. Human cry is also a symbol of love and bliss.

Since human can cry both in sadness and extreme happiness, it makes this particular expression so mystic and unique.

Undoubtely,Cry is sacred expression and mystic symbol  gifted to human by nature.



Understanding Existence

Existence is a subtle and joyful. It is indeed one of the most mysterious phenomena. For centuries human has been trying to understand Existence.

In search to understand existence, human has been following religions, spiritual gurus and various other belief systems.

Undoubtedly there is nothing more joyful and blissful than existence. But for centuries, human has been lacking the capacity to feel blissfulness lying in existence.


Existence is  subtle but most joyful if one looks at it with quiet mind.Only a genius can witness is not an act of dull mind

But I wonder why human is lacking capacity to feel bliss lying in existence?

One reason could be that human is too busy to understand meaning of existence that he forgot to feel it. There is no way that one could feel existence while trying to understand it.

The meaning of existence is to feel it. There is no other way to rationalize phenomena as subtle as existence.

I hope one day human would understand that existence cannot be understood but it can only be felt.

I hope one day human would not miss all the bliss lying in existence in trying to understand meaning of it.



Reality behind Sex

Sex is something everybody is crazy about in modern society. For a civilized human sexual orgasm could be one of most enjoyable experience in life.

Since sexual orgasm is one of the most enjoyable experiences in life, it seems normal for humans to crave for sex so much and use it for pleasure.

But I often wonder if sex is a source for pleasure or reproduction?

To understand this question we must understand sexual orgasm in depth. We must understand why human enjoy so much in sexual orgasm.

Sexual orgasm is state where human awareness alters and he could feel the flow of energy downwards. Human awareness increases during sexual orgasm since mind is empty of all those thoughts in those moments. It is awareness of flow of energy which gives human such a blissful sensation during sexual orgasm.

But is it possible to alter awareness and move energy without the act of sex?

Awareness can be altered without sex since awareness is dependent upon emptiness of mind but not any act. One who could increase awareness by controlling mind without any physical act start feeling flow of energy on its own. The only difference in that is that energy flows upwards instead of downwards. But the orgasm is lot more blissful and controllable.

For a human who could control blissful orgasm which nature provides without sex definitely realizes that basic purpose of sex is  reproduction but not  pleasure.It could still be used for pleasure but  Such an individual would never be  slave of sex.For such an individual sex would be slave.



Ego -A blocker

Human is born to be imperfect. Ego is proof of this. But why  Ego leads us to imperfection.

To understand above question, we must understand Ego first. Ego is a feeling, which is totally associated with mind. I would say Ego is our mind only. It is Ego which gives rise to feeling of ‘I’ in humans.

Ego leads us to imperfection since it gives rise to ignorance. An ignorance, which creates illusion of false ‘I’ in us. It is Ego, which never let us go beyond our mind. It is Ego only, which blocks us from experiencing our true self.

But is it possible for Human to get rid of Ego completely?

I don’t think if any human can live all life without any Ego. But Human has a capability to live some moments of life without any Ego. Those are the moments when we experience mystical aspects of our personality. Those are the moments when realize the permanent self associated to our personality.



Human- A Forgotten Mystic

Human has invented rocket to go to space But Human could never invent his ability to reach space without rocket.

I wonder why human is oblivious about his own ability to reach space on his own?

One possible reason could be that human has been taught to focus on thought. All the scientific inventions have been based upon thought-focus principle.

Thought-focus principle has worked for human to invent many extra ordinary things like Rocket and Robot.But focus on a thought is not enough for human to discover himself. Mystic powers lying inside Human body can only be discovered by awareness of thoughts.

It is not thought-focus but thought-aware principle, which can lead human to unveil unthinkable mysteries.

I hope one-day Human would unveil all the mysteries lying inside his own body by awareness of thoughts. I hope one-day Human wont be forgotten mystic anymore.


VarunVir  Punj

Human -A special creature

Human is very special creature with extraordinary capabilities. Human is only being who could  expand awareness to experience something divine inside.

Human is born with a choice to live either by expanding awareness or without doing so. Ability to make choice makes human very special.

The pity with human is that he is not aware of the fact that he has a choice, which makes him so special.

But why is Human not aware that he  got a special gift to expand awareness?

There could be various reasons behind it. One could be evolution. Since we are evolved from animals, it could be easy for human to live life in animalistic behavior without expanding awareness. Animalistic behavior could be a comfort zone for humans.

I hope Human would come out of his comfortable zone of  animalistic behavior and would realize that he has  a capability to expand awareness to a level where he  could experience something divine inside.



wealth or wisdom

Wealth is mundane whereas wisdom is sacred. Yet human never crave for wisdom but always for wealth.

I wonder what could be the reason that human is behind mundane stuff instead of something sacred?

Human Ignorance could be one of the reasons behind this. It is human ignorance about his own wisdom, which leads him to crave so much about wealth all the time. Human is ignorant about his own euphoric state which nature offers. In ignorance human is getting satisfied with happiness but never think anything beyond happiness, which could not be bought by wealth but only achieved by wisdom.

Not Understanding desire could be another reason that human is behind wealth but not wisdom.

Modern Human is under a false impression that wealth could satisfy his desires. He never tries to understand desire. He never understands that desire only grows by fulfilling it every time with wealth. He never understands that desire can never be satisfied by wealth but could only be controlled by wisdom. His ignorance is making him oblivious about the fact that it is not wealth but wisdom, which could overcome his desires.

Moreover wealth could me made easily from various sources but there is no shortcut to something sacred like wisdom. One has to connect to inner self to attain wisdom.

I hope one day a revolution would come and human would get rid of his ignorance about wisdom. He would understand that he is  missing something sacred in trying to achieve something mundane.

Lots of Love,


Inborn wisdom

Human is  special creature on planet Earth with extra ordinary capabilities. In fact human is only creature to explain spiritual aspect of existence.

Wisdom is the reason behind powerful personality of Human. Each one of us is born with infinite wisdom at the time of birth. Though only few of us are capable to unlock the existing inborn wisdom.

But if we are born with infinite wisdom, why not everybody can get hold of it? Why each of us is not wise?

The reason that most of us are lacking wisdom is lack of awareness. We are not aware of our own wisdom since we are so  deeply involved in acquiring knowledge from outside sources.

Modern society is based on acquiring knowledge. More knowledge a person could acquire, more respectful character he  is got in society. Everybody in society, from parents to teachers start training us to acquire knowledge from birth.

Our mind gets so much conditioned to acquire knowledge that it never experience silence. Our mind is always focused, restless to gain knowledge along with other possessions to compete in the society.

There is no way that a mind, which is so restless, could become aware of hidden treasures like wisdom inside . Mind has to be in complete silence to be aware of inborn wisdom.

I hope Educational systems and people around the world would understand that Human is born with wisdom. Instead of training human mind to attain mundane knowledge, they would train human mind to unlock the inborn wisdom inside.