Life is bigger than a dream.Life is in fact bigger than a thought.

While trying to find out meaning of life,I found love.

After I found love,I found that meaning of life lies in an understanding that life has no meaning.


Varun Punj

  1. As well as you, I am trying very hard to fulfill my curiosity to find something bigger about this existence. I have found beautiful things. But I am still struggling with so many difficulties that don’t seem to cooperate with this enterprise. For instance, how to live out of what you like to do? I am currently going for a PhD in social anthropology. It is beautiful, but I kind of know I wont be a teacher or some formal researcher in a lab. What will I be then in order to fulfill my dream of discovering something bigger without being a slave of the system? without having to wake up every morning knowing that I have to attend a duty just to survive? How do we do that?

  2. your blogs are very helpful. Thank you.

  3. thank you, you helped me understand alot.

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