Lust-A Beautiful Imperfection

Each Human has divine experience during sexual orgasm. It is another thing that not all of us could recognize the divinity lying in sexual orgasm.

Lust is what sexual desire arises from. The sexual desire eventually leads to sexual orgasm, which gives divine experience or a glimpse of bliss  during sexual orgasm.

Since Lust is basic reason behind sexual orgasm, this fact is enough to appreciate Lust.

But even though Lust leads to a divine sexual orgasmic experience, why is lust not enough to satisfy human permanently?

The reason behind this is that even though lust leads to sexual orgasm but divine experience which human gets out of sexual orgasm is not because of lust but it is because of love.

At the point of sexual orgasm, Lust is transformed into love. This is a very natural phenomenon. It happens unconsciously. One who could transform lust into love consciously can open doors to hidden mysticism.If one could transform lust into love consciously,it could lead to a natural orgasm which is lot more blissful.Even during sex,If one is capable to transform lust into love ,sexual orgasm could lead to everlasting bliss instead of just a glimpse of bliss.

Human must understand that only love could bring permanent satisfaction. Lust is only a way, which could lead to love. Human must develop an art to transform lust into love consciously.

I hope one day human would understand that lust is a beautiful imperfection which could open doors to unite with divine if one accepts lust and transform it into love consciously.



About mysticpunj

Spiritual being on human journey who lives on diet called LOVE, Blogger, World Traveler, Mystic,Spiritual Teacher,Philosopher

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