Reality behind Sex

Sex is something everybody is crazy about in modern society. For a civilized human sexual orgasm could be one of most enjoyable experience in life.

Since sexual orgasm is one of the most enjoyable experiences in life, it seems normal for humans to crave for sex so much and use it for pleasure.

But I often wonder if sex is a source for pleasure or reproduction?

To understand this question we must understand sexual orgasm in depth. We must understand why human enjoy so much in sexual orgasm.

Sexual orgasm is state where human awareness alters and he could feel the flow of energy downwards. Human awareness increases during sexual orgasm since mind is empty of all those thoughts in those moments. It is awareness of flow of energy which gives human such a blissful sensation during sexual orgasm.

But is it possible to alter awareness and move energy without the act of sex?

Awareness can be altered without sex since awareness is dependent upon emptiness of mind but not any act. One who could increase awareness by controlling mind without any physical act start feeling flow of energy on its own. The only difference in that is that energy flows upwards instead of downwards. But the orgasm is lot more blissful and controllable.

For a human who could control blissful orgasm which nature provides without sex definitely realizes that basic purpose of sex is  reproduction but not  pleasure.It could still be used for pleasure but  Such an individual would never be  slave of sex.For such an individual sex would be slave.



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