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Ego -A blocker

Human is born to be imperfect. Ego is proof of this. But why  Ego leads us to imperfection.

To understand above question, we must understand Ego first. Ego is a feeling, which is totally associated with mind. I would say Ego is our mind only. It is Ego which gives rise to feeling of ‘I’ in humans.

Ego leads us to imperfection since it gives rise to ignorance. An ignorance, which creates illusion of false ‘I’ in us. It is Ego, which never let us go beyond our mind. It is Ego only, which blocks us from experiencing our true self.

But is it possible for Human to get rid of Ego completely?

I don’t think if any human can live all life without any Ego. But Human has a capability to live some moments of life without any Ego. Those are the moments when we experience mystical aspects of our personality. Those are the moments when realize the permanent self associated to our personality.



Human- A Forgotten Mystic

Human has invented rocket to go to space But Human could never invent his ability to reach space without rocket.

I wonder why human is oblivious about his own ability to reach space on his own?

One possible reason could be that human has been taught to focus on thought. All the scientific inventions have been based upon thought-focus principle.

Thought-focus principle has worked for human to invent many extra ordinary things like Rocket and Robot.But focus on a thought is not enough for human to discover himself. Mystic powers lying inside Human body can only be discovered by awareness of thoughts.

It is not thought-focus but thought-aware principle, which can lead human to unveil unthinkable mysteries.

I hope one-day Human would unveil all the mysteries lying inside his own body by awareness of thoughts. I hope one-day Human wont be forgotten mystic anymore.


VarunVir  Punj