Inborn wisdom

Human is  special creature on planet Earth with extra ordinary capabilities. In fact human is only creature to explain spiritual aspect of existence.

Wisdom is the reason behind powerful personality of Human. Each one of us is born with infinite wisdom at the time of birth. Though only few of us are capable to unlock the existing inborn wisdom.

But if we are born with infinite wisdom, why not everybody can get hold of it? Why each of us is not wise?

The reason that most of us are lacking wisdom is lack of awareness. We are not aware of our own wisdom since we are so  deeply involved in acquiring knowledge from outside sources.

Modern society is based on acquiring knowledge. More knowledge a person could acquire, more respectful character he  is got in society. Everybody in society, from parents to teachers start training us to acquire knowledge from birth.

Our mind gets so much conditioned to acquire knowledge that it never experience silence. Our mind is always focused, restless to gain knowledge along with other possessions to compete in the society.

There is no way that a mind, which is so restless, could become aware of hidden treasures like wisdom inside . Mind has to be in complete silence to be aware of inborn wisdom.

I hope Educational systems and people around the world would understand that Human is born with wisdom. Instead of training human mind to attain mundane knowledge, they would train human mind to unlock the inborn wisdom inside.



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Spiritual being on human journey who lives on diet called LOVE, Blogger, World Traveler, Mystic,Spiritual Teacher,Philosopher

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