samadhi-a state unknown

I was sitting at beach watching the sunset on one beautiful evening. I suddenly realized how much beauty dusk contains. I realized that transitioning from day to night is most beautiful.

All of sudden I started comparing my life with this transitioning. I thought about transitioning from waking state to sleeping state. I felt that this state has to be most beautiful in my life.

In fact I realized that this is the only state when human meditates unconsciously. Most of us never realize that human life exists in another state apart from waking state and sleeping state. This is the state we experience in the moment between waking and sleeping state.

Most importantly truth lies in this state. Most of us keep wondering all our life to understand what is reality behind our existence. Being aware of this transitioning and making a conscious effort to prolong this transitioning state could lead us to truth. I would name this transitioning state Samadhi.

All of us go to Samadhi while transitioning from waking to sleeping unconsciously. Being aware of this and Experiencing Samadhi consciously could be one of the ultimate goals of human life.



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  1. Witnessing seer is a ultimate achievement I would say better than samadhi . Smadhi happens only in different state of mind while witnessing seer can be in all three state this what we call fourth state i.e turiya

    • Thanks Praveen for your valuable comment.I feel that samadhi happens when no mind exists or someone goes beyond the kingdom of thoughts.Moreover i feel that there is no achievement in spirituality.Spirituality is all about achieving nothing.


        U r right dear I only intent to say that understanding karta (doer) pure consciousness is itself achievement. Thanks
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