human – a born mystic

Not only Human has  capacity to be mystic but fact is that human is a born mystic. The problem with human and mysticism is that we cannot recognize mysticism within us.

Human has a capability to be aware of breath, which makes us mystic. There could be nothing more mysterious and powerful than human breath.

For medical science, breath could only be a source of oxygen needed for our cells to function. But in mystic world, breath has lot more to do than that.

Human can recognize mysticism hidden only by being aware of breath to deepest levels. It is breath, which is giving us life every moment. The life which breath is giving comes with lot of gifts like mysticism.

Awareness of power and sacredness lies in breath could lead human to find many hidden treasures like mysticism.Infact  awareness of breath is the only way to know that human is a born mystic.



About mysticpunj

Spiritual being on human journey who lives on diet called LOVE, Blogger, World Traveler, Mystic,Spiritual Teacher,Philosopher

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