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Human -A special creature

Human is very special creature with extraordinary capabilities. Human is only being who could  expand awareness to experience something divine inside.

Human is born with a choice to live either by expanding awareness or without doing so. Ability to make choice makes human very special.

The pity with human is that he is not aware of the fact that he has a choice, which makes him so special.

But why is Human not aware that he  got a special gift to expand awareness?

There could be various reasons behind it. One could be evolution. Since we are evolved from animals, it could be easy for human to live life in animalistic behavior without expanding awareness. Animalistic behavior could be a comfort zone for humans.

I hope Human would come out of his comfortable zone of  animalistic behavior and would realize that he has  a capability to expand awareness to a level where he  could experience something divine inside.



wealth or wisdom

Wealth is mundane whereas wisdom is sacred. Yet human never crave for wisdom but always for wealth.

I wonder what could be the reason that human is behind mundane stuff instead of something sacred?

Human Ignorance could be one of the reasons behind this. It is human ignorance about his own wisdom, which leads him to crave so much about wealth all the time. Human is ignorant about his own euphoric state which nature offers. In ignorance human is getting satisfied with happiness but never think anything beyond happiness, which could not be bought by wealth but only achieved by wisdom.

Not Understanding desire could be another reason that human is behind wealth but not wisdom.

Modern Human is under a false impression that wealth could satisfy his desires. He never tries to understand desire. He never understands that desire only grows by fulfilling it every time with wealth. He never understands that desire can never be satisfied by wealth but could only be controlled by wisdom. His ignorance is making him oblivious about the fact that it is not wealth but wisdom, which could overcome his desires.

Moreover wealth could me made easily from various sources but there is no shortcut to something sacred like wisdom. One has to connect to inner self to attain wisdom.

I hope one day a revolution would come and human would get rid of his ignorance about wisdom. He would understand that he is  missing something sacred in trying to achieve something mundane.

Lots of Love,


Inborn wisdom

Human is  special creature on planet Earth with extra ordinary capabilities. In fact human is only creature to explain spiritual aspect of existence.

Wisdom is the reason behind powerful personality of Human. Each one of us is born with infinite wisdom at the time of birth. Though only few of us are capable to unlock the existing inborn wisdom.

But if we are born with infinite wisdom, why not everybody can get hold of it? Why each of us is not wise?

The reason that most of us are lacking wisdom is lack of awareness. We are not aware of our own wisdom since we are so  deeply involved in acquiring knowledge from outside sources.

Modern society is based on acquiring knowledge. More knowledge a person could acquire, more respectful character he  is got in society. Everybody in society, from parents to teachers start training us to acquire knowledge from birth.

Our mind gets so much conditioned to acquire knowledge that it never experience silence. Our mind is always focused, restless to gain knowledge along with other possessions to compete in the society.

There is no way that a mind, which is so restless, could become aware of hidden treasures like wisdom inside . Mind has to be in complete silence to be aware of inborn wisdom.

I hope Educational systems and people around the world would understand that Human is born with wisdom. Instead of training human mind to attain mundane knowledge, they would train human mind to unlock the inborn wisdom inside.



human – a born mystic

Not only Human has  capacity to be mystic but fact is that human is a born mystic. The problem with human and mysticism is that we cannot recognize mysticism within us.

Human has a capability to be aware of breath, which makes us mystic. There could be nothing more mysterious and powerful than human breath.

For medical science, breath could only be a source of oxygen needed for our cells to function. But in mystic world, breath has lot more to do than that.

Human can recognize mysticism hidden only by being aware of breath to deepest levels. It is breath, which is giving us life every moment. The life which breath is giving comes with lot of gifts like mysticism.

Awareness of power and sacredness lies in breath could lead human to find many hidden treasures like mysticism.Infact  awareness of breath is the only way to know that human is a born mystic.



samadhi-a state unknown

I was sitting at beach watching the sunset on one beautiful evening. I suddenly realized how much beauty dusk contains. I realized that transitioning from day to night is most beautiful.

All of sudden I started comparing my life with this transitioning. I thought about transitioning from waking state to sleeping state. I felt that this state has to be most beautiful in my life.

In fact I realized that this is the only state when human meditates unconsciously. Most of us never realize that human life exists in another state apart from waking state and sleeping state. This is the state we experience in the moment between waking and sleeping state.

Most importantly truth lies in this state. Most of us keep wondering all our life to understand what is reality behind our existence. Being aware of this transitioning and making a conscious effort to prolong this transitioning state could lead us to truth. I would name this transitioning state Samadhi.

All of us go to Samadhi while transitioning from waking to sleeping unconsciously. Being aware of this and Experiencing Samadhi consciously could be one of the ultimate goals of human life.