sex and spirituality

A deep sexual orgasm can lead human to a very ecstatic state. In fact for a human who is not awakened, sex is the only way to feel ecstatic. I would say sex is natural, sacred and contemplative.

But if sex is so sacred why humans have been practicing celibacy for centuries to awaken themselves? Does human really need to be celibate for spiritual awakening?

I feel that humans could never differentiate between sex and desire of sex. It is not sex, which occupies human mind but never ending desire of sex.

Celibacy has nothing to do with not having sex. Celibacy is when human is able to control desire of sex. It simply means that a person has found that sex is not something for pleasure only, which should only come out of just a desire. A celibate practice sex based upon love. A celibate is a person who is capable to be thoughtless in sexual practice.

Practicing wrong celibacy or forcing oneself not  to participate in sex never leads to any awakening. But spiritual awakening leads to celibacy. A spiritually awakened person is full of infinite love that not only sexual desire but all the other desires are replaced by love. For spiritual awakened , sex even becomes more sacred.

The world would have been lot different if people would have understood sex in deeper ways. Human must understand that sex is not something for pleasure only and on the other side people who try to repress sex must understand that something sacred should never be repressed.


With Love,


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