Human and God

Term God has been taken in highly egoistic way in modern society. Since existence we have been worshipping God based upon different religions and cultures.

Term God has really depreciated value of human life to certain extent. Most of people worship certain God and feel content in their monotonous life.

We must understand that God is not a person, which we need to find. God is not a goal, which we need to achieve.

We should realize that God is no separate from human life. Human could have different experiences of life based upon different states of mind. A restless person could have mind occupied with negative thoughts all the time. Similar way happy person could have mind full of positive thoughts.

But is it possible for human to have a mind, which is free of any thoughts?

Since existence humans are not able to live in the moments where mind becomes thoughtless. If some of us become thoughtless sometimes we could never develop the capabilities to control this phenomena of being thoughtless. This inability of humans is the main reason that we could never understand the concept of God in deeper way.

It sounds pretty easy to make mind thoughtless. But enormous amount of energy and attention is required to achieve this. Similar way term God sounds easy but to understand this term, someone needs a clear thoughtless mind.

I hope one day we would get rid of conditioning that God is somewhere outside and start a serious inquiry if each one of us has potential to be God. I hope a revolution would come and all humans would have a clear mind which would be capable to understand that human life in itself could be God.

Lots of love,


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Spiritual being on human journey who lives on diet called LOVE, Blogger, World Traveler, Mystic,Spiritual Teacher,Philosopher

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