Euphoric Nation

Human is an emotional creature.We are born to feel. Feelings are most important to us. We crave for different feelings all our lifetime.

These feelings really differentiate us from other animals. Unconsciously most of our actions are feeling driven. We take particular actions to have certain feelings like happiness. Though in trying to do so we encounter with other feelings like sadness, frustation, anger many times.

But there are certain feelings like euphoria, which are quite hidden and mysterious to humans. Few of us feel euphoric  sometimes after taking drugs or in deep sexual orgasms.

Eventually Euphoria is also a feeling. But why most of us never get a glimpse of it and if some of us get glimpse of it in drugs, dance, music or sexual encounters, why we keep on craving for this particular feeling so much?

One of the reasons is organized society. The structure of society is limited to happiness. People who came up with the concept of society might not have ever experienced euphoria. But human is definitely lost in this structure of society. We are always madly running behind money without thinking that it could not buy us feelings like euphoria. I hope one-day things would change and we would understand that human is not money driven but feelings driven. I hope that this current system of structured society would change and all of us would start experiencing feelings like euphoria quite often and naturally. I hope that all of us would unite one day to develop one nation called Euphoric nation where humans would not have to take drugs or crave for sexual encounters to get glimpse of euphoria.

Lots of love,


About mysticpunj

Spiritual being on human journey who lives on diet called LOVE, Blogger, World Traveler, Mystic,Spiritual Teacher,Philosopher

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  1. Euphoriccccccc Nationnnn

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