bliss and human

Since Existence human is curious, always in search for something. This curiosity of humans has led to everything from organized society to nuclear weapons.

This curiosity is another reason that most of humans cannot live doing nothing. They keep on setting new goals thinking that these goals would satisfy their curiosity to search for something. But it never happens. Humans keep on doing new things all their life and then die with the same curiosity inside them.

To understand about this never fulfilled curiosity of humans, we must ask this question: –

Why humans are always curious?

Human is born to be blissful. Bliss is basic nature of humans. The pity is that human has forgotten his basic nature and is always in search of something and never realizes that he is in search of bliss. Humans keep on fulfilling all their desires but could never fulfill the curiosity to search for something. They never realize that their curiosity would only end in becoming desire less but not in trying to fulfill all the desires. They never realize that something they are looking for is not outside them but it is within them. This world would be an amazing place to live if humans realize that bliss is what they are curious about and it is lying within themselves, not anywhere outside.

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