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sex and spirituality

A deep sexual orgasm can lead human to a very ecstatic state. In fact for a human who is not awakened, sex is the only way to feel ecstatic. I would say sex is natural, sacred and contemplative.

But if sex is so sacred why humans have been practicing celibacy for centuries to awaken themselves? Does human really need to be celibate for spiritual awakening?

I feel that humans could never differentiate between sex and desire of sex. It is not sex, which occupies human mind but never ending desire of sex.

Celibacy has nothing to do with not having sex. Celibacy is when human is able to control desire of sex. It simply means that a person has found that sex is not something for pleasure only, which should only come out of just a desire. A celibate practice sex based upon love. A celibate is a person who is capable to be thoughtless in sexual practice.

Practicing wrong celibacy or forcing oneself not  to participate in sex never leads to any awakening. But spiritual awakening leads to celibacy. A spiritually awakened person is full of infinite love that not only sexual desire but all the other desires are replaced by love. For spiritual awakened , sex even becomes more sacred.

The world would have been lot different if people would have understood sex in deeper ways. Human must understand that sex is not something for pleasure only and on the other side people who try to repress sex must understand that something sacred should never be repressed.


With Love,


love is solution

Modern society is living a miserable life. Most of the time Human-beings are surrounded by feelings like fear, anger, ego, frustrations in the society

Competition among each other is one of the causes of agony of Human. They constantly are living in fear of losing in this competition that is leading to all other negative feelings.

Humans have  been addicted to various common pleasures like sex, drugs to get rid of this misery. They are going to temples, following religions and various other belief systems to get rid of this misery provoking feeling. None is able to help them to get rid of his agony completely.

They have been told by belief systems to get rid of ego, fear, anger to get permanent satisfaction. But it is quite impossible to get rid of these feelings forcefully.

I wonder if there is any permanent solution to end this ever-lasting Human agony?

Humans need to stop forcing themselves to get rid of these misery-provoking feelings. Instead they must learn an art to grow love inside them. There is no way love and other feelings like fear, anger, ego could exist at same place. Once they are enriched with love, other feeling would leave.

I am sure that Humans  would learn an art to grow love inside them. They would realize that love is the only solution of their ever-lasting agony.

With Love,


Human and God

Term God has been taken in highly egoistic way in modern society. Since existence we have been worshipping God based upon different religions and cultures.

Term God has really depreciated value of human life to certain extent. Most of people worship certain God and feel content in their monotonous life.

We must understand that God is not a person, which we need to find. God is not a goal, which we need to achieve.

We should realize that God is no separate from human life. Human could have different experiences of life based upon different states of mind. A restless person could have mind occupied with negative thoughts all the time. Similar way happy person could have mind full of positive thoughts.

But is it possible for human to have a mind, which is free of any thoughts?

Since existence humans are not able to live in the moments where mind becomes thoughtless. If some of us become thoughtless sometimes we could never develop the capabilities to control this phenomena of being thoughtless. This inability of humans is the main reason that we could never understand the concept of God in deeper way.

It sounds pretty easy to make mind thoughtless. But enormous amount of energy and attention is required to achieve this. Similar way term God sounds easy but to understand this term, someone needs a clear thoughtless mind.

I hope one day we would get rid of conditioning that God is somewhere outside and start a serious inquiry if each one of us has potential to be God. I hope a revolution would come and all humans would have a clear mind which would be capable to understand that human life in itself could be God.

Lots of love,


discover meditation

Meditation is not something humans need to learn. It is not something new which need to be discovered.

Every human meditates unconsciously. It is a normal state of humans. I have met some beautiful people on my recent trip of India who went to India to learn meditation. It actually surprised me a bit.

The goal should not be to learn meditation since we already do it. The most important goal should be to recognize the moment when we meditate unconsciously. We just need to transform that  moment of unconscious meditation into conscious meditation. The moment we transform moment of unconscious meditation into conscious meditation, our life gets transformed.



Is Love God?

Love is most powerful feeling of human beings. Infact I would say Love is lot more than just a feeling. Love is creator. Love is creation. Love is menifestor. Love is above all.

Often Humans confuse love with attachment. They think if they are in love with their family, friends. They always crave to live with them, miss them all the times. Most of them never realize that this is just an attachment.

It is easy to confuse love and attachment since love is deep, even deeper than human mind. Most of us do experience glimpse of love in certain moments. But in those moments we go beyond mind. So mind does not recognize if it was love. It is quite impossible for mind to understand and recognize love. Mind can express experience in the form of human language but love is lot deeper than any existing human language.

Love is most powerful entity in the universe. Existence has been created and manifested out of love. It is so pity that we have been created out of love but we forgot to live in love. Love is something, which gives humans a sense of harmony with nature and other living beings. To live in love could be one goal of human life. I wonder why can’t love be the only God which we have been searching since existence.

Love,love n love to you all,


Euphoric Nation

Human is an emotional creature.We are born to feel. Feelings are most important to us. We crave for different feelings all our lifetime.

These feelings really differentiate us from other animals. Unconsciously most of our actions are feeling driven. We take particular actions to have certain feelings like happiness. Though in trying to do so we encounter with other feelings like sadness, frustation, anger many times.

But there are certain feelings like euphoria, which are quite hidden and mysterious to humans. Few of us feel euphoric  sometimes after taking drugs or in deep sexual orgasms.

Eventually Euphoria is also a feeling. But why most of us never get a glimpse of it and if some of us get glimpse of it in drugs, dance, music or sexual encounters, why we keep on craving for this particular feeling so much?

One of the reasons is organized society. The structure of society is limited to happiness. People who came up with the concept of society might not have ever experienced euphoria. But human is definitely lost in this structure of society. We are always madly running behind money without thinking that it could not buy us feelings like euphoria. I hope one-day things would change and we would understand that human is not money driven but feelings driven. I hope that this current system of structured society would change and all of us would start experiencing feelings like euphoria quite often and naturally. I hope that all of us would unite one day to develop one nation called Euphoric nation where humans would not have to take drugs or crave for sexual encounters to get glimpse of euphoria.

Lots of love,


bliss and human

Since Existence human is curious, always in search for something. This curiosity of humans has led to everything from organized society to nuclear weapons.

This curiosity is another reason that most of humans cannot live doing nothing. They keep on setting new goals thinking that these goals would satisfy their curiosity to search for something. But it never happens. Humans keep on doing new things all their life and then die with the same curiosity inside them.

To understand about this never fulfilled curiosity of humans, we must ask this question: –

Why humans are always curious?

Human is born to be blissful. Bliss is basic nature of humans. The pity is that human has forgotten his basic nature and is always in search of something and never realizes that he is in search of bliss. Humans keep on fulfilling all their desires but could never fulfill the curiosity to search for something. They never realize that their curiosity would only end in becoming desire less but not in trying to fulfill all the desires. They never realize that something they are looking for is not outside them but it is within them. This world would be an amazing place to live if humans realize that bliss is what they are curious about and it is lying within themselves, not anywhere outside.

With Love,


Beauty of imperfection

All my life I was trying to be perfect.  My parents, teachers, society taught me perfection all the time. I spent enormous amount of energy to attain perfection.

I could never attain perfection but while trying to attain it, one day I suddenly felt the moment of imperfection deeply. And I realized that moment of imperfection was highly beautiful and creative. I felt that all the people who taught me to be perfect never felt imperfection because if they had done so, I would have never been taught like this. I realized that there are so many  problems humans have created is a result of not appreciating imperfection. Suddenly I imagined a new world where humans are appreciating their own imperfection and everybody else’s imperfection. I could see a world full of serenity and creativeness in my imagination.

When I got out of my imagination I realized that we are born out of perfection to be imperfect. There is no point for us to keep trying to be perfect. We must learn to appreciate our imperfection. It could be one of the reasons of human life.

Lots of Love,