Power of Breath

Breath is most mysterious and perfect phenomena of life. There is no life possible without breath. It is breath which differentiates life from death. But why life can’t exist without breath? To unveil this question we need to think what life consists of? Life consists of Body and Mind. Body can’t function without Mind. Similar way Mind can’t function without breath. So it is Mind which is in deep relationship with breath. The pattern of breath varies with changing states of Mind. This is the most subtle phenomena to understand that breath has totally different pattern during each different state of mind. Mind needs breath to generate thoughts. So what happens when mind is thoughtless? This is the moment when we start feeling ecstatic. Whether it is sexual orgasm or drugs or deep meditation, this particular pattern of breath when mind is thoughtless brings ecstasy to us.  In fact Breath is most powerful but most ignored by humans in their life journey.


-with love


About mysticpunj

Spiritual being on human journey who lives on diet called LOVE, Blogger, World Traveler, Mystic,Spiritual Teacher,Philosopher

Posted on January 25, 2012, in spiritual blog. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Have u tried sudarshan kriya ..a rhythmic breathing technique

  2. no I did not try but i do rhythmic breathing quite often on my own

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