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Power of Breath

Breath is most mysterious and perfect phenomena of life. There is no life possible without breath. It is breath which differentiates life from death. But why life can’t exist without breath? To unveil this question we need to think what life consists of? Life consists of Body and Mind. Body can’t function without Mind. Similar way Mind can’t function without breath. So it is Mind which is in deep relationship with breath. The pattern of breath varies with changing states of Mind. This is the most subtle phenomena to understand that breath has totally different pattern during each different state of mind. Mind needs breath to generate thoughts. So what happens when mind is thoughtless? This is the moment when we start feeling ecstatic. Whether it is sexual orgasm or drugs or deep meditation, this particular pattern of breath when mind is thoughtless brings ecstasy to us.  In fact Breath is most powerful but most ignored by humans in their life journey.


-with love


Inborn Passion

Passion is always inborn. Every person is born with a unique passion. But recognizing that passion could be one of the toughest thing. Most of people spend their whole life but could not recognize their inborn passion.  There  could be several reasons for people not recognizing their inborn passions. One reason is lack of freedom  in  the modern society. When I say freedom, I am talking about freedom of mind. Society is created that way that humans never get satisfaction from desires. Their mind is always occupied with desires. It is simply impossible for people to recognize inborn passion when mind is filled with desires. The other reason could be conditioning of mind by various  belief systems like religions. Conditioned mind can never behave freely. The third possible reason could be attachments. When mind is occupied  with thoughts of over attachments with loved ones, mind does not act  free to recognize real passion either. But nobody has ever become great without recognizing their inborn passion. We must always be curious to know the inborn, real passion in us.Once we know our inborn passion, life becomes very intense and deep. We actually find a reason to love life.Knowing inborn passion and dedicating your life to this passion could be the first step towards enlightenment.

With love.


reality of enlightenment

Enlightenment should not be a goal of life, neither should it be a desire of life .It is never experienced state of life. It is ridiculous when people keep on finding masters who could enlighten them. Nobody can enlighten anybody except our own self. It is like asking somebody else to have control on our mind. Humans are not aware of different states which life could offer. Enlightenment is just one of the topmost state of human life  which is  extremely blissful. It is a state where mind is empty or mind is not bonded to any desires ,attachments. Being aware to mind is the starting point to path of enlightenment. More we keep on watching mind, more thoughtless we start becoming. We start experiencing flow of energies in our bodies when we start following the path of being thoughtless. This flow of energy brings more fun to our lives. Slowly this fun starts getting  converted to ecstasy and ecstasy inturn starts getting converted into bliss. We would not have to make any effort to get enlightened incase our mind was not so much conditioned to society, religions and other belief systems. Most of belief systems including Religions and many spiritual leaders make enlightenment sound like impossible state to achieve. But fact is enlightenment is birth right of every human being. It is very easier to accomplish incase human mind is free of all conditioning, beliefs.


With Love