Taming Mind

Taming Mind is an art. Dictating your own mind could be one of the toughest task in universe. Most of human beings never even realize that mind is constantly generating thoughts every micro second. Most of the times, in a thought process, first thought is generated out of our experience from particular event which we get via ears and eyes. After first thought is generated, mind starts manipulating series of thoughts on its own. The series of thoughts generated by mind in turn produce certain types of feelings like anger, fear, frustration or happiness. Mind has strong capabilities to exaggerate a particular event with thoughts. It is very easy for Mind to make us victim of anger, fear and frustration.

Most of the time, we keep on trying to control anger, fear or frustration. In doing so we always turn out to be loser. We keep on trying to control these feelings without even accepting those thoughts which generate those feelings. We can’t tame mind forcefully. We simply can’t control mind until we develop a friendly relationship with it. We must learn an art to break chain of thoughts generated by mind in thought process. The moment we accept thought and become aware of it, the thought automatically vanishes. So instead of trying to control feelings like anger, fear, frustration forcefully we must develop habit to accept and be aware of these feelings in order to get rid of them.

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