robot sapiens

Today’s human is  purely a result of mechanical routine. The way technology is growing so rapidly, I wonder what is the future of homosapiens?. Humans can’t sit idle for a second also in today’s professional and corporate society. I often wonder if I am sitting with mechanical beings instead of human beings when I go to office on metro. Everybody is always busy reading book or doing office work. I wonder when humans give time to themselves or they just completely forget about themselves. This mechanical life has taken humans far away from their own life. Every day we are in race of survival. I wonder what went wrong with human beings when all other living creatures are surviving so smoothly. Is it that human’s own developed concept of civilization is going to be reason of human destruction one day.

Today’s human is not only mechanical in routine professional work but in all the aspects of life. I would say any type of existing belief system is just a product of mechanical life style. We are slowly forgetting questioning things. Nobody is questioning religion, marriage and war. This mechanical routine has conditioned human mind so badly that I doubt that if this race could even survive without work and routine. Their mind is so much indulged into a particular routine that humans are forgetting to enjoy things whole heartedly. Every natural phenomena is becoming  mechanical.

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Spiritual being on human journey who lives on diet called LOVE, Blogger, World Traveler, Mystic,Spiritual Teacher,Philosopher

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  1. This machine is writing blog posts instead of working. We will have to reprogram it asap. 😉

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