Monthly Archives: August 2011

States of Mind

One question which keeps coming in my mind is meaning of life. What happens after death .I am feeling like I am on a human journey to understand the meaning of life and death. On this journey of mine, most powerful thing  I am facing is mind. It is now only that i understand how powerful our mind can be. Our mind has lot of different states.  Infact everything is a state of mind weather it is joy, happiness, anger, fear, frustration. These states of minds are influenced by our own breath. The more we aware about our breath more we intend to go towards joy. The lesser we are aware about our breath more  we intend to go towards frustration. We can  not control the thoughts generated by our mind. But we can generate new thoughts to suppress old thoughts with the help of breath. we can convert fear to joy if we know exactly the breath needed by mind to come in the state of joy. Most of us as human beings feel joy state for rare moments in our time of life as somehow our mind gets addicted to anger,fear, frustration and happiness pretty easily because of our life styles in organized  societies. But the fact is Joy is state when we really feel pleasure.

We feel pleasure in the state of joyous mind because mind does not have any boundaries in the state of joy and that is the natural state of mind which we experience very less because of the boundaries being created by us around it. But on my journey to understand meaning of life i came to know that with breath we can make our mind addicted to joy too. With deep breathing we can attain joyous state of mind. One most fortunate thing is that when mind gets addicted to joy along with other states of mind, It tends to come to joyous state of mind quite often.

The most shocking thing is that most of us never experience joyous state of mind in our lifetime. One more surprising thing I experienced is that how our physical body is affected by different states of mind. States of mind like anger, frustration, fear release lot of stress into our body which can be visualized with change in physical appearance.

We tend to be fat, become bald and our face tend to look dull when our mind stays in state of anger, fear and frustation.On the other hand when mind stays in happiness we tend to be more active. But Joy state of mind brings most of changes in us physically. Our face starts glowing and we start feeling  lot of vibrations in our body when our mind gets addicted to Joy. We start feeling the flow of energy in our body. The state of Joy is unexplainable. Ecstasy can only be felt when mind is in the state of joy. The only way to bring mind into Joy state is being aware of our own breath or being aware of our own thoughts of mind. When we start keeping ourselves aware of our breath and mind, slowly our mind start getting into joy state by itself. Ecstasy becomes habit  by its own.